“’Apprehension leads to fastidious personal care’, Dr. Bill Fisher, Emergency Room Physician, interviewed on FOX NEWS 4/4/2020, 3:40 p.m. EDT

If anything leads to anxiety, it is hard times.  For this reason, James and Philippians, chapters 2, are relevant this Sunday, especially.

It is obvious! Behavior is shaped by Values, which are built upon Beliefs and/or Assumptions about really real reality.  Thus the hidden or invisible becomes obviously obvious.  James and Paul knew this and wrote about it.  One addressed misplaced favoritism, both favored really accurate favoritism.

Many are catching on this Palm Sunday. 

Consider who was cheered in most streets a few months ago.  Who’s been cheered in the streets these past few weeks?  Who’s worth favoring with gratitude these days?

Bottom line: Everyone is about their own best interests, or they think they are. What is best is debatable.  ESSENTIAL is being defined. The issue today is whether the consequences of behavior are treatable.

Today, some remember a rabbi, without credentials, who was cheered as he rode into a town.  A town where the uncredentialed were supposedly short lived.

A question to answer, “ Who finished the most important job I couldn’t do myself?”

Some as usual, happily cheer distractions only, fastidiously.

Consider the 96th Psalm on the 96th day of this year.  Do with it as you will.

Rick Bishop, Pastor