Dear Partner in Ministry,

An event we have been anticipating has finally arrived in our community. There is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Converse County, specifically Glenrock.  We have also canceled our Sunday services through April 12.  More on that later.

Last week I urged you to worship the LORD on your own with those you are with.  Please continue doing that as you sing, praise and  pray with thanksgiving to God.  If the Spirit has impressed a particular scripture on your mind this week, then review or share it with someone.  Numerous songs and scripture have been on my mind.

This Sunday I invite you to review the perspective on life in Christ which James and Paul share with their fellow believers.  Please join me in this study if you wish.

This past week you have probably noticed an abundance of some things and a deficiency in other things in your life.  This could be as simple as space, quiet, company or busy-ness.  Perhaps a routine has been gained or lost.  Spend a few minutes taking an inventory of your abundance and your lack.

In the first chapter especially, James and Paul note what they have or don’t have. They note what their audience may have or lack.  What is noted in the first chapters?

Note their perspective of the present circumstances.  What shapes or gives focus to their fullness and shortages?  What difference does God make in their view of trials?

How does your perspective of your present circumstance compare to James and Paul view of their circumstances?  How is it similar?  How is it different? 

If you received that kind of correspondence from a mentor during this COVID-19 pandemic, what would be your response?  Your prayer?  Your action?

Both James and Paul are quite certain God has or will provide wisdom and understanding in the midst of uncertainty.  What influences your confidence in God’s provision in your circumstance?  Have you asked God for what you need most? What gets in the way of seeing or appreciating His response?

Be sure to spend some time praising the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for what you know is certainly true about them in the midst your situation.

In Christ, Rick Bishop